Legacy Code and Now What?

An interesting article that discusses a few, incremental approaches to turning legacy code around. Four increasingly complex and time consuming (yet incrementally more robust) techniques are laid out, culminating in a treatment of the ever so gargantuan white elephant in the room – the actual legacy code base itself. Happy readings!


Working with legacy code: How to stay sane.

Just in case you think you’re alone, don’t.

For the record, I don’t know you, but maybe we share the same pain. Heartache, some might say.

Legacy code is a dirty word. Just the very thought of dealing with the tangled mess that comes to mind is enough to put the fear of an incompetent manager into the hearts of most engineers.

Just so we’re clear, I’m not advocating you turn and run – well not just yet at least… Now, I did mention that I was quite possibly up shit creek without a paddle, much like you are. Your hands smell, life is shit (literally?) and you want out. If you’re halfway lucky you’re with comrades who understand your predicament. Your tech lead is halfway intelligent and sees the challenges you’re up against – and if you’re not as unlucky as I am, then you’re not working with a closed-source POS ‘business solution’ that has been hand rolled to do just about every task that a million frameworks offer to do, a hundred times as well with a myriad less defects. I digress!

There is hope, and in order to build that warm fuzzy feeling in your chests (or stomachs, I’m not sure where the feeling belongs lately) I’m going to be sharing some enlightening articles and personal experiences as my journey unfolds.

All on board!